i may hate myself but i’m the only one who’s allowed to talk shit about me. don’t talk shit about me. i’ll snap both your legs

i need to edit my blog playlist real bad but im too lazy

do any of my followers live in new zealand??

itsbuttonyall said: my school uses something similar called turnitin.com. it’s pretty efficient, i’m surprised a lot of schools don’t use programs or websites like it

.i thought turnitin was a site for checking plagiarism on essays?? at least that’s how teachers use it here

how are there schools in this world that don’t use powerschool. how do you exist not being able to know your exact grade at any given time

The Boxtrolls is transmisogynist


So I went to see The Boxtrolls today having been very excited about all of the publicity, the general theme of the film, and all of the posters I saw of what appeared to be same gender families.


I left the cinema in tears because of it. It’s very transmisogynist. I do not advise anyone, especially trans women, to see this film. I’ll explain why below.

TW FOR THE CONTENT BELOW. It contains spoilers and descriptions of transmisogyny.

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Straight Guy Brought To Tears Upon Learning LGBT People Are Not Only People, But Also Exist


Time is a flat circle.


Time is a flat circle.



My dream for the 2016 presidential election is not having to choose which human rights I’m feeling like compromising on.




Born in Hiroshima, 1975.
Shintaro Ohata is an artist who depicts little things in everyday life like scenes of a movie and captures all sorts of light in his work with a unique touch: convenience stores at night, city roads on rainy day and fast-food shops at dawn etc. His paintings show us ordinary sceneries as dramas. He is also known for his characteristic style; placing sculptures in front of paintings, and shows them as one work, a combination of 2-D and 3-D world.

Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata (previously) currently has two new sculptural paintings on view at Mizuma Gallery in Singapore. Ohata places vibrantly painted figurative sculptures in the foreground of similarly styled paintings that when viewed directly appear to be a single artwork. In some sense it appears as though the figures have broken free from the canvas. These artworks, along with several of his other paintings, join works by Yoddogawa Technique, Enpei Ito, Osamu Watanabe, and Akira Yoshida, for the Sweet Paradox show that runs through August 10th

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im  never gonna be over that dragon yuri drawing

wanna listen to all the smash songs on my dash but also wanna avoid spoilers like the plague



gonna be reading the last homestuck update like



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Why are boobs so soft. What are they made of. Is it the dreams of a thousand small rabbits